swellware was created by a 2 year old boy named Haiden who got his hands on some scrap paper and pens on november 2004. In this article we will tell you how the copmpany went from a porly drawn stick man to a animated cartoon and more. You will here the story of every cast member and every Job in Swellware (ex Doodles,Chezzy<poodlz) to make up the story of swellware. 


Haiden's life 

Haiden's Life

Who is  uncle Swellware

Haiden F is uncle Swellware. Because Haiden was the founder of swellware he gave him self the nickname uncle Swellware or Mr.swellware.

first comics 

when Haiden was six he went to a elementary school in nanaimo, there he drew comics with his two friends Jacob,and Wyit,(I thank thats how its spelled) Haiden made a comic of a super hero who would kill robots and stop bombs from blowing up the city of floating islands called pop man (formally poop man) he would mostly fight a robot named the  AND his name was changed to the evil lunch box then comp comp.(more on him later) He decided his company's name:Haiden,inc

forth grade  2010-11

an early comic cover 

IN the forth grade Haiden moved back to his home town but never told his friends (because he's a jerk) and met Curtis. Haiden thought Curtis was a nerd. But that was okay because Haiden was a nerd also. At first Haiden and Curtis never got along (not in I hate you wise. in I don't know you wise) And Haiden met a kid named vince who also made comics. So they hanged out a lot...But comics were there only thing in common. So they never really got along. (in a I hate you wise) So when Haiden when Haiden went in the fifth grade..................................




Creator:Haiden Swellware

photo of pop man

fifth grade 2011-12

He had no friends. Every one had found there spots like the trouble makers and the good students and the ones that annoyed you so much. But Haiden really didn't really care that much because he made comics so that kept him company. (LONER) Haiden would make comics and self publish them for his classmates. They were called the Haiden's adventure story comics,but that did not change the fact Haiden had no real friends. But on a trip Haiden was forced to sit next to Jeanine they didn't know each other that well so thay made up jokes and made fun of other classmates they later became best friends. So she introduced Haiden to her friend Pria. who introduced Haiden To.........Curtis. Haiden realized that curtis was really funny and hung out a lot at the end of the fifth grade. And later became best friends. At the end of the fifth grade haiden started to make a comic book series called doodles. He never finished making it.

6th grade 2012-13


In september of 2012 in the 6th grade Curtis introduced Haiden to Cam. The three of them started a productions called three nerds fighting over a controller. 


it was a month after the failed 3nerdz. Haiden wanted to make a organization called Haiden,co Based on Haiden,inc. The first person Haiden invited in was his best friend Curtis. These were Haidens words when he invited him: "You get to have fun and wear funny hats" He lied about that last part, Curtis never got his hat. After 2 days in the company Curtis said that we need more people in the company, so Haiden invited Jeanine in. so  that was that for a while and then Curtis and Haiden went and invited Cam. Thay didn't tell Cam that Jeanine was in it because Cam and Jeanine hated each other................A lot. And then we had our last member: Braiden. so when he had every one. Haiden wrote up a contract and Haiden's company was back up again.


When Haiden showed his first cartoon to his brother he said that "Haiden,co" was a self centred name. that was true. So Haiden was trying to come up with a new name,and he remembered how he never finished doodles so Thats how it became the name of the company. So after a while of hanging out and having meetings it was time to make our first youtube channel Haiden'sDoodlesToons  youtube.com/haidensdoodlestoons13 and a website https://sites.google.com/site/haidensdoodlestoonsblogg/home but right after Haiden made these something that helped make what we call swellware today happened 

Cam got fired 

what happend after this is just history. So Curtis, Braden, jeannine, Cam and Haiden were walking and Cam steped in dog poo. every one started to run away from him (because they were jerks) and then Cam came up to Haiden and wiped his shoe with the poo on it on Haiden's hoodie, and Haiden said Cam was fried from Doodles so then Cam got the poo on a stick annd chased Haiden around But Haiden said it was final so three days later Cam was following Haiden around and Haiden was sick of it so he said that the only reason your following me is because he got fired from Doodles and Cam replied I don't need Doodles ill make my own company called Poodlz. Cam did. At first Haiden thought Cam was joking. He wasn't. And he also stopped talking to Haiden for a month, His plan was probaly to make Haiden forgive him, it worked. When march was almost here Haiden and Cam were Swell friends again, and thay were growing there companys to in to a ultra Company.

End of the year 

At the end of the year Cam and Haiden went to there littile buddy class for the last class. yo were suppose to play with your yonger buddy but Cam and Haiden just talked about the back story's of there companies. It turns out that Poodlz wasn't just made to annoy Haiden, it was based of cam's old comic books he wrote (like Haiden) It was called ugh&pug. Peat the main poodle in the book was called pug and he was a Pug. Maor of this story in the Poodlz section.


Summer is when the name "SWELLWARE" fist came. Haiden was in to computer languages and software and planed to make a doodles software for computers. He thought that it would have to be really good. Then he went like "hey......Swell means good. And it would be a softWARE. So how about swellware?"  This name became the company's new name and Haiden had the idea of making a website now. So he stared to plan out what swellware.webs.com would be like and what it looks like now it almost what he planed it out to look like from the start

Grade 7

grade 7


the website is a place Haiden made so he could organize it so any thing related to swellware would go on to it. He also made it to have a social network that would share things he can with his friends, and to upload anything he wanted in the right organization.  

grade 8